Māori Language Program at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Te Piringa Māori offers a series of Māori language proficiency courses, and complementary courses on culture and literature. The language courses cater for absolute beginners through to advanced learners of the language. You will meet other students with a keen interest in Māori language and culture, and learn in a respectful and warm environment.

The language courses take an integrated skills approach to learning and using the language. The core focus of these courses is developing skill in using the language for listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will also learn about the language as you develop proficiency.

The language courses together with the complementary literature and culture courses provide opportunities to encounter and explore a Māori world view. You will learn a bit about the broader New Zealand context as well.

These courses are an ideal preparation for Study Abroad in Aotearoa New Zealand.

MAO 101 Beginning Maori (3)

Beginning Maori listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Structural points introduced inductively. History and culture. Meets four hours weekly; daily lab work. HSL

You will participate in interactive tasks in class time, and work independently on a suite of online audio activities and tasks from a study guide in your own time. There will be singing!

MAO 102 Beginning Maori (3)

Continuation of 101. Pre: 101. HSL

This course consolidates the language development that you gained in the Fall semester, and strengthens your ability to use Māori in listening, speaking, reading and writing. There will be more singing.

MAO 201 Intermediate Maori (3)

Continuation of 102. Meets three hours weekly, three of four hours devoted to drill and practice. Daily lab work. Pre: 102. NI HSL
Particular attention is paid to developing speaking and listening skills in this course.

MAO 202 Intermediate Maori (3)

Continuation of 201. Pre: 201. NI HSL WI
This is a writing intensive course. As well as further developing your overall language proficiency, you will write a range of genre in Māori, such as narrative, expository and persuasive texts, and present these same topics in spoken mode to your class.

MAO 261 Maori Literature and Culture (3)

Survey of literature concerning myths, traditions, poetry and song as well as contemporary literature (in English) relating to the Treaty of Waitangi, Maori prophetic sayings. Students who have previously taken this course as PACS 492 may not take this course. Pre: consent. DL

This course typically has a specific focus each time it is taught. For example, in 2012 the focus is portrayal of Māori people, society, culture and language via literature broadly defined. As well as a range of print literature, mostly by Māori writers, the course includes ‘visual literature’ such as art and film. Students are encouraged to research relevant topics of personal interest.

MAO 301 Advanced Maori Language and Culture (3)

Advanced Maori language and culture. Pre: 202, no waiver. (Fall only).

MAO 302 Advanced Maori Language and Culture (3)

Advanced Maori language and culture. Pre: 301. (Spring only).

MAO 361 Modern Maori Literature and Culture (3)

Survey of modern Maori and Hawaiian literature and culture from the mid-twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Pre: 261 or consent. (Fall only). DL

MAO 384 Te Reo Waiata: Maori Language in Song (3) Oral Focus

Survey and analysis of Maori song poetry texts, traditional and contemporary, and their development and performance over time. Pre: 102 or HAW 202, or consent.

If you enjoy singing, this is a great course for you. You will learn about the various types of traditional song poems, and will learn to sing a selection of these. You will also learn more contemporary song forms. You will discuss and analyze the themes and cultural values expressed in these song poems, and aspects of their performance and change over time.

MAO 401 Fourth Level Māori 1 (3)

This is a level four Māori language course. This course is necessary for those who wish to complete a certificate in Te Reo Māori. This level four course equates to a level three language course in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

MAO 402 Fourth Level Māori 2 (3)

This is a continuation of MAO401.