Level: Advanced
Start Date: 09 January 2014
Materials: Readings in Contemporary Media & Literature.
Prerequisite: IND 305 or equivalent language skills.
Delivery: Online  (+ optional conversational course IND-308 for UHM students )

IND 306 “Third Level Indonesian II” is a continuation of IND 305.

[frame_left]” alt=”Learn Bahasa Online” width=”240″ height=”178″ [/frame_left] [dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he course explores the language of the contemporary Indonesian media. All texts are authentic reports from the Indonesian media, mainly taken from mainstream newspapers and magazines such as Tempo and Kompas, and supplemented with recorded radio reports and interviews. All texts are supplemented with interactive exercises, and homework assignments, that will be corrected and returned by the instructor. Students interact with each other in the discussion forum, which is an integral, and important, element of the course.

Emphasis is on the development of advanced reading and writing skills in formal Indonesian, but there is also a strong element of listening comprehension.

If you are not a UH student you must enroll through the UH Outreach College.

For further questions, please see our page on Most Frequently Asked Questions.

To assist you in determining your proficiency level in the Indonesian language, you must, prior to enrollment, complete the UHM Placement Test for the Indonesian Language.

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