learn bahasa Indonesian
Becak Drivers in Yogyakarta

Level: Intermediate
Start Date: 09 January 2014
Materials: Warung Sinema, and other.
Prerequisite:IND-203 or equivalent language skills.
Delivery: Traditional

IND 204 is the Spring semester continuation of IND 203. The course meets three times per week at the Mānoa Campus. Please view the course syllabus for more information.

This course is also offered through UH Outreach College as a distance learning e-course. You don’t need to be a University of Hawaii student to enroll in IND-204. Students enrolled at UH-Mānoa meet three times per week for an adjunct conversational class.

For further questions, please see our page on Most Frequently Asked Questions.

To assist you in determining your proficiency level in the Indonesian language, you must, prior to enrollment, complete the UHM Placement Test for the Indonesian Language.

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