History & Future Plans

History of the Materials

The Indonesian Way was initially developed by Dr. George Quinn from the Australian National University. In 2009 Dr. Quinn and Dr. Uli Kozok from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa reached an agreement to further develop Dr. Quinn’s materials which initially consisted of 94 lessons. Some lessons that had become too large had to be restructured resulting in 108 lesson. To these 108 lessons Dr. Kozok’s team added another 5 lessons resulting in a total of currently 113 lessons.

Assisted by a US Department of Education International Research and Studies grant (award no. P017A090375, start date: 1 Sept 2009, end date: 1 Sept. 2012) Dr. Kozok’s team began its work in 2009. During a workshop in July 2010 (attended by Dr. Uli Kozok, Maren Behrend, Christella Cindy, Nelly Martin, Riana Helen Agnesia, and Riza Lestari) and a second workshop in May-August 2011 (attended by Dr. Uli Kozok, Christella Cindy, and Hesti Ratna Hapsari) the main body of the materials was completed.

The lessons were complimented with several hundred drawings (by Sebikom Comics, Yogyakarta, and Dina Tania, Jakarta), dozens of photographs, hundreds of sound files, three videos, and about 1500 interactive exercises. Every lesson features a word list, and digital vocabulary flash cards, and many lessons are complimented by grammar explanations, and cultural notes. For more effective vocabulary learning the spaced repetition software Anki was integrated, and the Web Audio Utility serves as a tool to actively practice speaking.

All 113 lessons were further complimented with detailed lesson plans with a variety of activities to promote interaction and communication such as information gap tasks, class surveys, conversation grid activities, games, debates, and a wide arrange of other communicative activities. To conduct these activities each lesson is supplemented with student handouts, and most lessons are further complimented with additional sound files for in-class use, slide shows, picture cards, etc. These complimentary materials were developed primarily by the foreign language methodologist Maren Behrend (Auckland).

A print-edition of The Indonesia Way is under develpoment. Dr U Kozok and Yuni Hariyanti are presently working on the book whch is expected to be released in August 2014.


The following individuals, most of them former Fulbright IIE Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) at the University of Hawaii, need to be acknowledged: Christela Cindy (2009-10 FLTA who also attended both workshops in 2010 and 2011), Helen Riana Agnesia and Riza Lestari (2007/08 FLTA who also attended the 2010 workshop), Hesti Ratna Hapsari (2005/06 FLTA who also attended 2011 workshop), Nelly Martin (2006/07 FLTA who also attended 2010 workshop), Vika Fitrianasari (2010/11 FLTA), Cahayani Agustiningrum (2011/12 FLTA), Arum Hadi Mulyono (2012/13 FLTA), and Yuni Hariyanti (2013/14 FLTA).

The teacher notes were developed by the foreign language methodologist Maren Behrend (Auckland).

Too many individuals to be acknowledged individually lent their voices for the several hundred sound files that were recorded between 2009 and 2012, but the most prominent voices are that of Vika Fitriansari and Hesti Ratna Hapsari.

Most of the illustrations were drawn by the skilled staff of Sebikom in Yogyakarta, and also by Dina Tania from Jakarta.

Ongoing Development & Future Plans

In co-operation with the University of Tasmania we are currently developing pdf files for all lessons. We are also planning developing applets for Android, and possibly e-books to be used on Kindle and iPads. We are also planning to bring up the total number of chapters to 120.

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