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This is the best online language learning site I've ever seen -- and I discovered it just before I left Indonesia, after living there for 10 months. What a wonderful resource for all of us learners! (Shawn T. 2013)

The opportunities for learning and reinforcement are simply astounding, and quite frankly go far beyond what I have seen in any online textbook in the past. Even expensive off-the-shelf software such as The Rosetta Stone have not achieved the mix of practical language instruction with the various modalities that The Indonesian Way offers. (J. Brown, 2012)

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The Indonesian Way

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“The Indonesian Way” is free and will always remain free. You can freely use and redistribute The Indonesian Way, and even create derivative works based on it as long as this is done for noncommercial purposes. Free doesn’t mean cheap. On the contrary, The Indonesian Way is a state of the art resource and the most advanced textbook available.



IThe Indonesian Way is available as an interactive e-learning course enhanced by several hundred images, sound files, and videos. A printable traditional textbook is available too. The course consists of 113 lessons. It will take you approximately 250 hours to complete the course.

For Learners and Teachers

WEach lesson of “The Indonesian Way” comes with a detailed lesson plan, and additional resources for in-class use such as additional sound files, slide shows, videos, and games. Learning Bahasa Indonesia through the “The Indonesian Way” is not boring but exciting!

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Indonesian-Online is a non-profit website maintained by Dr. Kozok, head of the Indonesian Language Program at the University of Hawai’i. Indonesian-Online offers a wide range of free Indonesian language related resources, including free online courses for all levels from beginners to advanced learners of Bahasa Indonesia.

Our Bahasa Indonesia e-learning courses are available for learners and teachers alike.

Bahasa Indonesia (Language of Indonesia) is the native name of Indonesian. As testified by seventh century inscriptions, Indonesian (previously known as Bahasa Melayu (Malay), is not only a very old language, but it also belongs among the ten largest languages in the world.

Indonesia belongs to the fastest developing economies of the world, and is a major tourist destination, not only because the beautiful island of Bali, but also because of the ancient temples of Jawa, and the tribal cultures of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and the islands of eastern Indonesia. All these are good reasons to study the Indonesian language.

Learn the Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia) online.