Persian 301

PERS 301: Third-Level Modern Persian I

Offered in Fall 2015 Semester

 Course Description:

The first semester of Advanced Persian: ‘Third-Level Modern Persian I’ continues to provide you with transition from the intermediate Persian level to a higher level of language proficiency. This course helps you develop all four language skills: listening, reading, reading, and writing. The emphasis is on a variety of authentic materials, such as poetry, prose, media, and conversations at advanced level of language proficiency. The topics discussed will be from Persian classical and modern prose and poetry. In addition, different topics from media such as society, art and culture, health, nutrition, entertainment, and sports will be discussed. Each week, different topics from literature and media will be introduced, and following each topic, there will be different activities to practice the new introduced topic, structure, and vocabulary. These activities will include small group or class discussions, summaries in oral or written form, comprehension questions, fill-in-the-blank activities, vocabulary practices, such as activities on denotations and connotations of words.

There will be eight writing assignments corresponding to the topics presented each week. You will write a two-page assignment (approximately 350 to 500 words) summarising, evaluating, or comparing and contrasting the discussed topic and the details. Each assignment will be evaluated on the content and the proficiency level of the Persian language.

You are also required to read a/some literary work/works of a modern Persian writer or poet and write a paper of 15-20 pages discussing the topic(s) and the genre(s) while comparing and contrasting the literary work(s) of the author with those of the contemporary ones. First, you will present your topic for approval and then prepare a draft paper by mid-semester for instructor and peer review. At the end of the semester you will present your paper to the class.  Your presentation and paper will be evaluated on the content of the topic and the proficiency of the Persian language.

Student Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of Persian 301: Third-Level Modern Persian I, the student should be able to:

Use low advanced level morphological aspects of the Persian language in written and oral forms properly.

  • Demonstrate communicative competence in low advanced Persian.
  • Read Persian texts in low advanced level.
  • Differentiate the complexities of semantic characteristics at advanced level.
  • Use different advanced syntactic structures accurately in different contexts.
  • Read and comprehend classical/ modern poetry and prose.
  • Read or listen to different topics of media and comprehend, translate, and discuss the authentic materials.
  • Give an oral or written explanation in Persian and English of different aspects of culture discussed in class.
  • Write compositions in low advanced level of Persian language.
  • Summarize, evaluate, and compare and contrast the discussed modern literary topics.