Fall 2014 Classes

Persian Language, Linguistics, and Culture Program

Fall 2014 Classes at UH Manoa

PERS 101: Beginning Modern Persian I    MTWF   3:30-4:20PM    BUSAD D301    CRN 79492 or 1248 (Outreach)

PERS 201: Intermediate Modern Persian I    MTWF   2:30-3:20PM    BUSAD D301    CRN 79493 or 1249 (Outreach)

IP 261: Introduction to Persian Art, Culture, History, and Literature    W   11:30-2:00PM    SPAL 257    CRN 79686

IP 365: Persian Literature in Translation    R   3:00-5:20PM    WEB 116    CRN 79687

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