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If you want to learn the Indonesian language, then this is the right place for you. We offer free Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia) lessons online from elementary Indonesian for beginners to the very highest proficiency levels.
For beginning to intermediate Indonesian choose “The Indonesian Way“. Intermediate to advanced students may want to try “Readings in contemporary Media and Literature” or “Warung Sinema“, and very advanced students may want to consider our course “Anak Jalanan” focusing on advancing students’ listening skills, or “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” to get more exposure to contemporary colloquial Indonesian, including Jakarta-style slang.

Our teaching and learning materials are developed by leading experts in the field and cover hundreds of hours of instructions. You are exposed to a variety of texts covering several genres and including authentic texts, hundreds of audio recordings enabling you to listen to the sound of Indonesian as pronounced by native speakers, video recordings (including video clips of Indonesian movies), hundreds of linguistic exercises including multiple choice, cloze, and matching quizzes, sentence jumblers, crossword puzzles, grammar explanations, cultural notes etc.

Our learning materials are interesting and engaging, and they are free of charge. Don’t forget to check out our dedicated online learning website Indonesian Online.

Indonesian Online offers the most comprehensive Indonesian language courses available online today. Check out our free language courses for beginners as well as for advanced learners of bahasa Indonesia (“the language of Indonesia”).