Advanced Conversations

Fourth Year Indonesian II

Level: Upper Advanced
Materials: t.b.a.
Prerequisite: IND 306 or equivalent language skills.
Delivery: Traditional

IND 407 is an additional conversational class which usually requires concurrent enrollment in IND 405.

Course Goals

IND 407 is a topic-based course aimed to enhance your listening and speaking skills. Throughout the course, students will be actively engaged in constant meaningful communication in various contexts. New vocabulary items, various new sentence patterns as well as an extensive pool of supplementary words will be covered. By the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to conduct conversation and discussion with standard Indonesian pronunciation and appropriate cultural manners.

Course Description

The key features of IND 407 are:

  • a wide range of topics are chosen to help you expand your vocabulary
  • the functional approach to this course enhances natural use of Indonesian
  • pronunciation is an integrated part of the course
  • spontaneous communication practice is used to help you identify your areas of strength and weakness
  • presentations, role-plays, videos and simulations are used to stimulate group discussions and to identify language areas that need developing
  • authentic texts from the contemporary Indonesian media to stimulate natural discussion

The course will enable participating students to advance their proficiency in Indonesian towards a truly advanced level.


Moderation of Discussion                                                                20%
Oral presentations                                                                             30%
Attendance and classroom contributions                                     50%


I am always open to your suggestions and criticisms about anything related to this class, and invite any of you to drop me an email or to call me during standard office hours should you have recommendations or problems you wish to discuss. I’d prefer to hear about the problems in the course during the semester, when we can deal with them, rather than in course evaluations, when it’s too late to change things.

Periodically I will check with you about how you think the course is progressing, how the course is organized, how the marking is working so that you will have ample opportunity to help shape the way that we work together.

Course Schedule

The schedule of the course is interdependent with the course schedule for IND 405. For each IND 405 topic there is a set of activities for IND407. Activities include:

  • role plays
  • free discussions
  • moderated discussions
  • debates
  • student presentations
  • grammar clinic
  • pronunciation clinic