Upper Advanced Indonesian

The Sunda Strait

Fourth Year Indonesian II – IND402

Level: Upper Advanced
Materials: t.b.a.
Prerequisite: IND 405 or equivalent language skills.
Delivery: Traditional


The course provides students with opportunities to develop a greater competence and fluency in the Indonesian language, and to explore contemporary issues in Indonesian.
Indonesian 402 provides opportunities for students to:

  • enhance their enjoyment of learning Indonesian by broadening and deepening their language experience
  • gain insight into the culture of Indonesian-speaking communities and the communities’ perspectives on contemporary issues
  • gain an appreciation of the Indonesian language through the study of contemporary texts
  • use Indonesian as an adjunct to their career path.


The aim of this course is to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of a range of issues as reflected in contemporary Indonesian texts, while extending their ability to use and appreciate Indonesian as a medium for communication, and creative thought and expression.

Objectives & Outcomes

Students will achieve the following objectives:

Objectives Outcomes
The student will:
1. present and discuss opinions, ideas and points of view in Indonesian
The student:
1.1. discusses attitudes, opinions and ideas in Indonesian
2. evaluate, analyse and respond to text that is in Indonesian and that reflects the culture of Indonesian-speaking communities 1.2. formulates and justifies a written or spoken argument in Indonesian
  2.1. evaluates and responds to text personally, creatively and critically.
  2.2. analyses how meaning is conveyed.
  2.3. analyses the social, political, cultural and/or literary contexts of text that is in Indonesian.

Meeting these objectives will involve using the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, either individually or in combination, and being able to move between Indonesian and English.

Assessment & Grading Scale

All homework assignments must be completed by the date indicated in the course schedule. When a student fails to follow instructions and submits an unacceptable assignment, such an assignment will be returned to the student and a grade of 0% will be given for that particular assignment.

Homework assignments should be submitted in print.

Except for extraordinary circumstances, assignments must not be delivered later than the due date. Homework assignments delivered after the due date will be downgraded by 20%. Homework assignments delivered with a delay of more than six days will receive a nil grade.

Homework assignments 30% Grading Scale (IND402)
Attendance & Classroom Performance 15% A= 90-100%
1 Midsemester Test 20% B= 80-89%
Peer and Self Assessment 10% C= 70-79%
Final Exam 25% D= 60-69%
F= Less than 60%

Missed Classes

Missing a class is no reason for not doing the required homework. Please be advised that there is an ATTENDANCE POLICY for this class. Illness, family emergencies and other events may mean you have to miss class. You are allowed four (5) absences per semester for such events. Any absence beyond five will result in your final grade being dropped by 2.5 points (from 85 to 82.5, for example) for each absence over five. This means, if your final grade would be 85 and you have been absent eight times (3 more than 5), your final grade will drop by 7.5 points.

Complaints or Problems

Whenever you feel something isn’t working as well as you’d like – whether it’s the class structure, the instructor, the assignments, grades, or your own efforts in the course – PLEASE TELL SOMEONE about it!! Talk to your class representative, or to me (email me in my absence), or scribble a note (anonymous if you like) or send an email, leave a voice-mail message, catch me after class, come during office hours, or make an appointment: Let someone know if something isn’t working for you. I’d prefer to hear about the problems in the course during the semester, when we can deal with them, rather than in course evaluations, when it’s too late to change things.

Call me (956-7574, 988 0956) or send me an email. I will notify you of my office hours at the beginning of the semester and post a list of appointment times on my door should you wish to consult me. In an emergency, you may drop in at any time. However, I prefer you to make an appointment by phoning me first or by leaving a message on my voice mail.