The Indonesian Way

Learn the Indonesian Language at UH

KotaThe Indonesian Way (TIW) by George Quinn and Uli Kozok is aimed for beginners of the Indonesian Language (bahasa Indonesia). The 113 lessons of TIW are used as the main teaching material for the first, second, and part of the third semester (IND 103, 104, and IND203). The Indonesian Way is free, and will always remain free.

You can use this material either by:

  • Using the material yourself, and at your own pace: Click here for Lesson Access
  • Enrolling in IND 103 (Start Date: 19 August 2014). There is a small tuition fee, but you will receive all the benefits of a registered university student: you get official credit, you will be supervised by a professional instructor, there will be weekly homework assignments and quizzes, and you will be part of a larger online learner community where you can communicate with your fellow classmates and your tutor, mainly in Indonesian, through a discussion forum.

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