Certificate in Indonesian

The Certificate in Indonesian Language is granted by the University of Hawaii upon recommendation from the Department of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures. In order to be considered for this certificate, a student must complete 15 credit hours beyond the intermediate (201-202) level in Indonesian.

Requirements 15 credit hours beyond the intermediate level in the language of choice, including:

6 credit hours in continuing language study (IND301-302-401-402)

9 credit hours in language, literature, or structure courses selected to complement the major field of study, (e.g. IND461-452-454). Where the student has specialized interests or the instructors consider that a specialized curriculum would better fit the student’s needs, up to 6 credits of IP 499 may be substituted for the 400 level courses listed above.

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their Indonesian courses. These courses may not be taken CR/NC.

Courses focusing on Indonesian language are sometimes offered by other departments such as Linguistics. These courses can sometimes be counted toward the Certificate in Indonesian. For further information on the certificate in Indonesian please refer to the UH Calendar.