Why at UH?

Why at UH?

Dr. Sai Bhatawadekar uses her own “Contextual, Cultural, and Creative” curriculum design.

Chapters and segments, such as “Cuisine and Cooking,” “Festivals and Ceremonies,” “Love and Bollywood,” “Travel and Tourism,” “Education and Employment,” etc. provide a coherent way to integrally tie together language and culture.

Bollywood inspired creative writing, directing, recitals, and performances are used at all levels as an incredibly effective and joyous tool for learning and retaining language and for connecting with the South Asian culture and community. Dr. Bhatawadekar makes her curriculum flexible to students’ learning needs, cultural curiosity, and research interests. Her own extensive research and practice in language pedagogy, film studies, East-West religion and philosophy, and music and theater contributes to the language learning experience.

1 credit hour Urdu writing course is offered simultaneously yet separately from Hindi for interested students. UH is committed to the Asia-Pacific region and to less commonly taught languages. South Asian Studies are expanding in various departments across UH, including History, Religion, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Urban Planning, Music, Theater and Dance, and Business etc. The Center for South Asian Studies is committed to the cause.Various scholarships, grants, and awards are available for students to study South Asia here and to travel to India to study and conduct research. UH, the East-West Center, and Honolulu in general provides a closely-knit, friendly, and enthusiastic South Asian community.

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