Our course offerings:

HIND 101

Beginning Hindi. Say hello, get to know one another, and find a time to grab a coffee. Learn Devanagari and present your work in a calligraphy exhibition. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, culture, and creativity…..get it all.

HIND 102

Beginning Hindi 2. Start writing children’s books and Bollywood inspired love poems. Surprise yourself with how much you can say already, concise and heartfelt, with just beginning level vocabulary and grammar. Laugh, talk, and open up and feel like at the end of the year you have really become a close group of friends.

HIND 201

Family, Food, Home, or Hobbies. Pick your topics, explore your image of India, and learn new things to evolve it. Take advantage of Indian cultural activities happening in Honolulu and connect with the community.

HIND 202

Write, direct, and perform a parody of a new Bollywood film! Best project you’d ever do in your academic life. Nourish your creativity and unleash your melodrama!

Plan a summer trip and get ready to visit India. Talk about tourist destinations, academic institutions, and other exciting opportunities to visit India.

HIND 301

Project Based Course. Take advantage of current events, current cultural activities, exhibitions, etc. and make journalistic reports and video documentaries.

HIND 302

Project Based Course. Bring your research interests and design your own course. From Religions to Sustainability, from Linguistics to Music and Dance. Make it your own.

URDU 205

1 credit hour course with second year Hindi. Once you know the basics of Hindi 101 and 102, add Urdu script and cultural nuances to your overall understanding of the languages and life of South Asia.


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