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Why at UH?

Dr. Sai Bhatawadekar uses her own “Contextual, Cultural, and Creative” curriculum design. Chapters and segments, such as “Cuisine and Cooking,” “Festivals and Ceremonies,” “Love and Bollywood,” “Travel and Tourism,” “Education and Employment,” etc. provide a coherent way to integrally tie together language and culture. Bollywood inspired creative writing, directing, recitals, and performances are used at all levels as an incredibly …

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Hindi and Urdu have two bodies and one mind!  Hindi derives from Sanskrit, uses Sanskrit (Devanagari) script, and relies on Sanskrit vocabulary; Urdu uses Persian (Nastaliq) script and is influenced by Persian-Arabic vocabulary. Yet the two are completely mutually intelligible in everyday spoken usage, linguistically inseparable, and are in fact one language in structure and grammar. So Hindi-Urdu as one …

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