Aaja Nachle

Vocabulary through interpretive dance. That classroom tool soon turned into our Bollywood dance group.

Parody of Sholay!

Our best project EVER!

Kuch Kuch Recycle Hota Hai

Our silly play for the Sustainability conference.

Raag Yaman

Alex preparing to play sitar at the South Asian Studies conference.

Calligraphy on Sand

Yeh ishq ishq hai isha ishq

Delhi Maps

Planning a trip to Delhi in class.

After Party

Dramatic semester end parties!

Kho Kho

on the beach

English Vinglish

Nada and Sai dancing to Navrai Majhi

Holi Hai!

Most favorite festival of all!

Romeo and Juliet

No, RamuLeelu balcony scene

Bollywood Dance Workshop

Honolulu Museum of Art

Aloha and Namaste!

Nourish Your Creativity, Unleash Your Melodrama!

Four Reasons to study Hindi at UH!

Hawaii, a leader in languages

1 University of Hawaii is a leader in Less Commonly Taught Languages. Departments, such as Indo-Pacific Languages, Second Language Studies, and National Foreign Language Resource Center are committed to cutting edge language pedagogy and practice.



2 Prof. Sai Bhatawadekar recently won the Board of Regents Award for Excellence in Teaching. She and her students transform the classroom into a vibrant, stimulating, and hilarious atmosphere, in which everyone works off of one another’s intellectual curiosity, creative impulse, and cross-cultural quests. Sai incorporates her own background in 8 languages, religion, philosophy, cinema, theater, music, and dance to make the Hindi-Urdu learning experience an unforgettable one!


South Asian Studies

3 A number of departments offer South Asia related courses – History, Religion, Philosophy, Theater and Dance, Asian Studies, Geography, Urban Planning, to name a few. Faculty in these departments works closely together and students working in those areas often come together in Hindi-Urdu courses. The Center for South Asian Studies, Study Abroad Center, American Institute of Indian Studies, as well as the Critical Language Studies offer a number of scholarships to visit India and study Hindi and other subjects.


Community Connection

4 A number of exciting cultural activities are always happening in the city. The Honolulu Museum of Art has an annual Bollywood Film Festival in January. East West Center always has exhibitions on Indian art. Sai has a dance group – Aaja Nachle – in which people of all walks of life come together, dance, choreograph, learn from each other, and perform all over town. The community also celebrates many many cultural and social festivals, to which all are warmly welcome.